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Inflation Instructions

Adult Supervision required for inflation

  • Remove ball from packaging and unfold.
  • Locate Velcro closure.  It is located near the white sewn in Y’all Ball logo.

        Note - You may have to remove bladder in order to locate valve.

        Once located, carefully insert bladder back into ball with valve opening facing Velcro closure.

  • Insert the nozzle using the enclosed hand pump or other inflation device.  If you wish, you may use an air compressor.  Note: if using an air compressor, be careful not to over-inflate!
  • Inflate the ball until the outer covering is smooth all around.  Keep valve opening facing Velcro closure during inflation.  Y’all Ball bounces better when it is not too tight.  The ball should NOT be too tight as over-inflation may cause it to burst!
  • Remove the nozzle, insert the plug into the ball and secure the Velcro closure.
  • Enjoy your Y’all Ball!

    Note:  Like any inflated item, ball will lose some air over time.  Simply re-inflate following the directions from above.


         Use & Care

  • When not in use for a long period of time, it is recommended to deflate the ball and store in cool, dark place.
  • Replacement inflatable bladders are available for purchase.  Please go to   for pricing details.
  • Machine washable/dryer safe

    For further questions, email us at: